Tribals to get pulses for Rs 10 per kg

Bhopal: The BJP-led state government, which has already shifted to poll mode, has decided to sell pulses at the rate of Rs 10 per kg to tribals. The decision was taken at a meeting presided over by chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Thursday. He said the decision to sell pulses as whole grains or in the split form will be taken after consulting the representatives of tribals. The project will be launched on a pilot basis from Karahal block of Sheopur district and Khalwa block of Khandwa district. Around 3.5 lakh tribal families of two blocks will benefit by the scheme.

Chouhan said that the project will help to lower malnutrition level among tribals. Pulses are a source of protein and their increased consumption would enhance nutritional value of tribals’ regular food intake.  The objective is to woo tribals who form about 21 percent of the state’s total population. The state has 1.54 crore tribals, the highest among all states.

The government is already providing wheat and rice to all BPL families in the state at the rate of Re 1 and Rs 2 per kg respectively. The ruling party hopes that the sale of pulses at a subsidised rate would go down well with tribal communities. On Wednesday, the cabinet cleared a special financial aid of Rs 1000 per month for Saharia, Baiga and Bharia tribal communities. The tribal voters had sided with the Congress in Chitrakoot by-elections, which the BJP has lost. Hence, the government’s special focus is on tribal families. Tribals have large presence in Mungaoli and Kolaras assembly constituencies, where by-elections will be held shortly.