Tired of traffic jams, this man in Munich SWIMS to work daily!

A long day at the office by the computer is hectic on its own and to make things worse, there are traffic snarls that make our daily commute difficult. So, people have tried out various ways to dodge traffic jams and save time. While one man in the Czech Republic built a small plane for himself to fly to work daily, a man in Germany has been swimming to work!

Yes, Benjamin David was fed up with the stress of commuting on busy roads in Munich, so he decided a way to put an end to his miseries. Since the terrestrial route was congested, he took the water route, only there was no water transport. But that didn’t stop him, and for the last two years, he has been swimming for over 1 mile daily, making his way through the river Isar.

Putting his clothes, shoes, mobile phone and even a laptop in a waterproof bag he starts his daily journey that he claims is quite “refreshing”!

“I look a little bit like David Hasselhoff. Not I look like David, but me with my [bag] — I think you get me,” The 40-year-old jokingly told CBC. The orange bag in question here is called a ‘Wickelfisch’ and David procured it from Switerzland, where swimming to work is more common. Not only it protects all the items inside from getting wet but also act as a buoyancy aid that allows swimmers to float easily if they get tired.

But before he takes a plunge, he makes sure to check the temperature of the water, the speed of the current and likewise decides whether to wear a wetsuit or shorts.