Intense cold, fog to continue for next 2 days in Bhopal

The citizens in Bhopal would witness further dip in the mercury within 48 hours. The weathermen predict that cold days and nights would remain in Bhopal for around six days.

Met official said that night temperatures are likely to fall in the next 48 hours by 1-2 degree Celsius, steep change are less likely to occur as there are no systems which could induce steep dips in temperatures. Slight dip in the day temperatures would be witnessed.

The night temperatures dipped across the state and recorded lowest night temperature at 5 degree Celsius in Mandla.

City witnessed shallow fog in the morning on Monday which was less as compared to foggy conditions witnessed on Saturday.

Chambal and Gwalior regions are likely to witness foggy conditions in the next 2-3 days while Rewa, Satna, Jabalpur and Bhopal regions are likely to witness mist and hazy conditions.

The day temperatures increased slightly and moderate weather conditions were witnessed on Monday across the state and state capital.

Bhopal recorded day temperature at 24.6 degree Celsius without any deviation while night temperature was recorded 1 degree Celsius below normal temperature at 9.8 degree Celsius.

Indore, Jabalpur and Gwalior recorded day temperatures at 25.2, 26 and 25.3 degree Celsius and night temperatures at 10.8, 6 and 9.3 degree Celsius respectively.

The highest day temperature was recorded around 28 degree Celsius in the state maintaining the weather moderate and normal during the day.

In the past 24 hours several areas recorded night temperatures at very lower levels.

Umaria and Nowgong recorded night temperature at 6.5 degree Celsius.

Among other regions which recorded low night temperatures were Rewa which recorded 7.4 degree Celsius, Raisen recorded 7.5 degree Celsius, Sidhi recorded 8 degree Celsius and Satna recorded at 8.4 degree Celsius.