State BJP throws Shah’s directives to the winds

Bhopal: BJP chief Amit Shah may be a synonym for terror for party leaders all over the country but the Madhya Pradesh BJP cares two hoots for him. During his visit to the capital from August 18-20, Shah had issued a slew of directives to the state party leaders. But most of them have been ignored.

Shah had instructed that the party’s core committee should meet at least once every two months and all important decisions regarding the government and the organisation should be taken in it. However, the committee has not met for the past four months. He had also asked the core committee members not to keep mum if they think that any decision taken by the government was wrong or would hurt the interests of the party. They should immediately register their protest. In this context, he had cited the state government’s decision to purchase onions from the farmers.

Shah had also directed that the party should utilise the services of leaders who, having lost elections have confined themselves to their homes. That directive too is being flouted. Not a single such leader has been given any responsibility by the party. In Chitrakoot assembly by-elections, the party did not involve the local veterans in campaigning and instead, handed over the reins of the party’s poll effort to outsiders. This translated into the party suffering a humiliating defeat.

Shah had also asked the ministers to interact with the party workers at regular intervals and to make it a point to tour the districts in their charge. During the tours, he said, besides holding official meetings etc., they should also interact with the workers. According to BJP spokesperson Rajneesh Agarwal, the core committee might not have met formally but its members keep on discussing issues informally. He said that all the directives of Shah are being followed to a T.