Sanjay Dutt looks to Salman Khan for help

Sanjay Dutt is awaiting his old friend Salman Khan’s time. Sanjay is in the process of getting his second comeback venture, Bhoomi’s release, and wants all of his Bollywood friends to come and watch his film and spread the word about the movie.

Obviously, one of the biggest social media handles belongs to Salman Khan. Sanju surely does not want to miss out on the kind of publicity that he can get through Salman and wants the pint-sized Hercules to watch and recommend the film.

But Salman does not want to come and attend any general screening where other actors (read Ranbir Kapoor) will be present. So, Sanjay is in the process of organising a special screening for Salman, which the actor can attend with his close ones. Sanju has done cameos for films made by Salman’s family earlier and hopes that the Dabbangg actor will give him some time. The actors have not been on the greatest terms in the past few years, but they did meet warmly a while ago when they went to attend Mukesh Ambani’s Ganesh celebrations. Do we see a proper patch up soon?