Rohru is a town and a municipal committee in Shimla district in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is at the banks of the Pabbar River, and it is about 115 km from Shimla city. Rohru is famous for its apples and trout fishing. The hatchery is at Dhamwari, 25 km upstream of Rohru town. The Nazeru davta’s temple is in Shakli, 15 km upstream.

Trout fishing is the prominent activity in the town. The history of the activity dates back to the time of Raja Bajrang Bahadur Singh of Bahadh. He was attracted to the town and therefore developed the town into a haven for anglers.

Rohru is also renowned for its high quality apples. The production of apple in the town is more than any other area. The Rohru-Hatkoti-Jubbal-Kothkhai belt is popularly known as ‘Apple Valley’ or ‘Golden Belt’ in Himachal. Among the apples, the ‘rich red’ and ‘royal delicious’ are the most popular ones.

Tourists visiting the town can also enjoy other adventure activities like camping, hang gliding, para gliding and trekking. Situated close to Rohru, Shikru Devta Temple, Chirgaon and Chanshal range are popular places to visit. In addition, the villages of Kwar and Dodra can also be visited.

Rohru is very popular for its high-quality apple production. The production of apples on the whole is maximum when compared to any other area. The apples are exported around the country and to other countries as well.

Rohru, Jubbal and Kothkhai are the highest apple production valleys and cover more than half of the production in Himachal. This Rohru-Hatkoti-Jubbal-Kothkhai belt is popularly known as “Apple Valley” or “Golden Belt” in Himachal and India. From some parts of Apple Valley the apples are directly exported or provided to popular juice-making companies in India and the world.


Rohru is located close to Shimla in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the lesser explored destinations of the state and deserves a visit for its scenic beauty and pleasant weather. Here is how to reach Rohru:

 By Air
By Train
By Road


There are very few accommodation options in the town of Rohru. One can find few budget hotels. It is advisable to book rooms in advance.


There are very few restaurants or eating joints in Rohru. North Indian cuisine is predominantly available.