Some birth defects may come across as minor conditions affecting children, but they may lead to grave consequences if not treated on time. Unfortunately in some parts of the world, the required healthcare facilities and awareness to avoid suffering among children is still a long way ahead.

Two-year-old Shakiba from Bangladesh was born with what seemed like a small lump under her right arm, but the lump kept growing with time to cover her entire hand as it has now spread to her chest. The condition has left the child weighing 2 kg with a hand that weighs 3 kg, as she now struggles to stand and walk.

While the condition affecting Shakiba is thought to be haemangioma, the stigma associated to it is making life worse for the little girl. She has been isolated in the village as people don’t allow their children to play with her fearing that they may get infected too.

Shakiba’s father isn’t able to afford her treatment and has faith in god and doctors while her mother mentions how her daughter yearns to join other children in the village.