Patient battling for life as faulty medical report misleads treatment at MYH

Indore : Patients in the biggest government run medical facility Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital are hit by double whammy as they are neither served with deserved diet by the corrupt hospital management nor they are getting proper treatment, thanks to flawed pathology reports and other diagnoses.

One such case of wrong diagnoses of a patient has come to light when his health conditions started deteriorating even after receiving right treatment provided on the basis of pathology reports. The faulty pathology report could be caught only after alert doctors sent the samples of the patient to a private laboratory.

According to the doctors, a 50-year-old patient Mariyam Jokim was admitted to the hospital with problem of blood clotting. “We suggested the patient to go through International Normal Ratio, Patients Prothrombin Time and other necessary tests on February 7. Reports of the patient was found normal after which we administered anticoagulant (blood thinner) as a standard treatment to the patient,” said one of the duty doctors.

The visibly shocked doctors added that condition of the patient however started deteriorating with intracranial bleed (bleeding in brain) even after providing the right treatment.

“We had performed the same test multiple times in the pathology department of MY Hospital but the reports were always the same forcing us to send the samples to a private laboratory. There it was revealed that INR and PTR of the patient was above normal and she was not fit for anticoagulant,” the doctors explained, adding “Later, the patient was shifted to ICU and he is struggling for life due to the fault of reports in the laboratory.”

“This was not the maiden case as several patients are getting wrong reports and many of the reports didn’t even have the values of diagnoses printed or written. Another victim of such faulty report was 19-year-old Pyar Singh,” the doctors added.a

In order to address the grave issue, the doctors have also lodged multiple complaints with the superintendent of the hospital Dr VS Pal but the “arrogant” superintendent returned them asking to send HoDs for lodging the complaint.

“HoDs too have sent letters to Dr Pal over various issues but he neglected them as well and didn’t take any necessary action,” the doctor rued.

Meanwhile, Dr Pal could not be reached on phone and he didn’t bother to respond the message sent to him for his comment on the issue.

Concerned NGO donates plates to hospital for patients

Concerned over poor conditions of patients in MY Hospital an NGO ‘Parpeeda Har’ on Saturday donated 500 plates to the hospital and requested the management to provide food to the patients in the plates. Activists of the organisation learnt about the poor state of food affairs in MY Hospital through media reports and donated the plates. “We found that the hospital administration serves food to the patients by hand or in polythene or box as they do not have plates. We donated the plates so that patients get food in proper way,” organisation’s Radheshyam Sabu said. He also assured the hospital administration to given another lot of 1000 plates soon.