This Pakistani guy looks like a hybrid of Zayn Malik and Harry Potter

In case you are counting the grey in your hair and thinking how you have probably seen it all, well, we’d say, think again. Why, you’d ask. Well, in case you thought celebrity doppelgangers could only look so much similar to their famous counterparts, here is a guy from Pakistan who looks like the distant cousin of Harry Potter and looks more like Zayn Malik than Malik himself! Don’t believe us? Well, we told you — You haven’t really seen it all, yet.

Tallie Dar, a Twitter user from Pakistan but based out Toronto, Ontario, as per his Twitter bio, took to the Internet recently to tweet out two of his pictures. With dishevelled hair and round glasses that our generation would associate, without a second thought, to Harry Potter, Dar tweeted, “You’re a wizard Harry.” While a close and a longer look is all that you’d take before you agree with him that he indeed looks like our favourite wizard, most Twitter users had just one name on their minds — Zayn Malik!

And we are not surprised one bit.

Dar indeed looks like the former One-Direction boy band member. After a couple of Twitter users pointed this out, others followed in, clearly in a daze having lost their minds. Others were absolutely convinced this is just Malik himself pranking his fans on the micro-blogging site.