MEd students served wrong paper, quit exam mid-way

Indore: Second semester students of MEd course were in for a rude shock on Thursday when they were served paper of a subject which they have not studied. The students left the exam mid-stream and reached administrative campus of Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya to lodge complaint.

Taken back by the complaint, the university announced that re-exam would be conducted if the allegation of wrong paper being served in the exam was found true even as students demanded good marks in the subject without re-exam.

On Thursday, MEd second semester students were to take Education Technology, Education Administration and Grand Counselling subject exams. They were served paper but soon they realised that it was not of the subject they were taught at the college.

They lodged a complaint with centre superintendent who suggested answering the exam and later lodge complaint with the university. But unable to answer any question from the paper, the students left the exam mid-stream and went to the DAVV’s administrative campus.

They met exam controller Ashesh Tiwari and complained that they were served advanced semester paper and demanded general promotion for the subject with good marks and no re-exam. However, Tiwari said that a committee of the university would be looking into the complaint.

“If the compliant was found true then re-exam would be conducted,” Tiwari said adding that there is no provision for general promotion in the university.