I never say “Hi” and I never say “Bye”. Why should I? I’m not accountable to you people. Just joking, see I have this uncanny ability to make people uncomfortable. It is an ability which has been acquired after a long experience. It helps most of the time. Actually most people when they meet you for the first time, they try to impose themselves on you, so as to get an upper hand. And if you unsettle them, they get into a defensive mode, and that’s when you strike. And now must be wondering “HOW”, as a matter of fact I will not be telling that, it’s a trade secret (available only on payment through DD or cash!!).

So coming to our main subject – is it MARKETING vs. SALES or MARKETING & SALES or BOTH ARE SAME. Recently I had this privilege of interviewing a job aspirant and some mind blowing information was granted to me by the kind soul. According to her, marketing is another way of selling. I was dumbstruck!! After all these years of learning had my hearing gone for a toss or am I on the wrong planet? And it’s not her fault, she has been taught this in her college by some moron. Can you believe this? Yes, you will because if I ask you now as to what is the difference, most of you people will come with answers resembling this. The main reason is that we start looking for definitions. Come on, you first have to understand the meaning, and not mug up the definition. For example, if I ask you to define yourself, you will. But if I ask you as to “WHO ARE YOU REALLY”, you will stare at my face (thinking that I have gone nuts). See let me explain the difference, when describing yourself, you will talk about your hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. But the REAL YOU will tell about your deepest emotions, fear, and your mood swings etc. So when you are mugging up you are just walking towards that long line of MACHINE HUMANS. Where is the difference? The difference lies in understanding & knowing a particular thing rather than just cramming.

Marketing is like an ocean, vast & beautiful from outside but filled with all kinds of life (Sharks too – Don’t be scared these sharks don’t bite, they just gobble you up alive). Sales is just a part of it, it’s like a father having sons. Marketing is a father who has sons & daughters namely Sales, Advertising, Consumer behavior etc.

Now if you ask the definition of marketing it will go something like this – “ The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large ( lifted directly from WIKIPEDIA , in case they complain). Now for a newbie it looks an alien language with no meaning whatsoever. Now if we tell this newbie that marketing is generating interest among people to buy a product or service. He will quickly grasp the interest part. Why such a big and boring definition? We all do marketing in our day to day life (yeah we do, ok?).

Take for an instance, one of you is working for a cell phone company and you have to generate the customers interest in your company and compel him to buy the product (Sales beta is also involved). Are you going first define the word marketing to your prospect? Understanding a subject is more important, but in today’s life I have barely encountered these rare species. When you are proposing to a girl that’s also marketing, asking for a raise from your father / boss (in my case both acted strangely same – a big NO), even that’s marketing. When we are out shopping, the shopkeeper who tries to induce us to buy this/that product is also doing marketing. Look around yourself; you will see there’s marketing going on everywhere.

And sadly, even though you also do marketing in your life, you still don’t know what it means. Look our system is flawed (this truth dawned on me when I was in college), but you are not. You can hunt for knowledge and seek for more. But all depends upon YOU, YOURSELF. Always remember one thing, “It is good to be literate, it is better to be EDUCATED”.

More to follow!