Ice cream chain dedicates flavor to baby hippo

The baby hippo in Cincinnati zoo named Fiona has been making headlines since she was born. This baby hippo was due in March but came six-weeks-early. According to a report in CNN, she was so small that she could barely walk or stand for a long time to nurse from her mother. Several zoo staff was immediately put into round-the-clock service for the care team for the baby and called it Team Fiona.

Before long, Team Fiona was no longer just a team — it was a hashtag.

As her health improved, zoo’s social media team began uploading her pictures and videos with the hashtag Team Fiona. Video updates such as Fiona taking a bottle, splashing or running have drawn millions of views online. Soon enough this hashtag started trending and people sent requests and wishes from all over the world.

This popular baby hippo has expanded her influence to a Cincinnati-based ice cream chain by inspiring its new flavor Chunky Chunky Hippo. The new ice cream flavor offered by the ice cream company Graeter’s is a toffee ice cream with salted roasted peanuts and milk chocolate caramel truffles. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Cincinnati Zoo.

The new flavor is sold in scoop sat local shops and in pints at It’s the latest development in Fiona’s rise to fame. She was named an honorary sheriff’s deputy last week. Graeter’s is headquartered in Cincinnati, but has shops in numerous states.