Hyderabad: There are “amazing” growth opportunities for start-ups in the health care sector in India in terms of technology and patient-centric solutions, CEO and co-chairperson, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, G.V. Prasad has said.

“Amazing opportunities (are there), both in terms of science, technology as well as patient-centric solutions, using technology like IT, analytics, lot of start-ups (are) coming up…not from the traditional companies. These are coming from young people who do not have a pre-conceived notion of what health care should be,” he said.

He said patients’ treatment, hospitals and pharmaceuticals are some of the factors that would drive the growth of start-ups in the health care sector. “I think treatment, hospitals as well as pharmaceuticals themselves and all the technology-driven things that are happening to personalise health care, those are the things (that would contribute to the growth),” he told PTI on the sidelines of inauguration of a start-up here for integrated cancer care.

Prasad said great progress is likely to be achieved in the next 10-15 years in the field of cancer treatment with the evolution of new treatment methods.

“Lot of new drugs are coming for a range of cancer, which selectively target only the cancer cells. The side-effects are very less and much more effective. It’s in early stages. I hope lot of new therapies will come,” Mr Prasad said.