peoples pen

Learning is a never ending process, each and every twist and turn in this journey called life comes with a lesson to be learned. Penning down the recent most things that I have learned.

By the time I hit thirtieth year of life, I thought I have learned quite a lot about life, people, emotions… early thirties, arrival of a new life made me realise how ignorant I was for the very same person who now matters the most to me… my Maa.

I never knew why my mother looks at me and smiles every now and then. Till the time my daughter was born. I realised that a daughter’s face is the most beautiful face a mother can think of.

I never knew why my mother switched on fan/cooler/AC of my room whenever she felt the temperature rising. I keep on checking if my Aarvi is comfortable in her bedding. I realised it’s the child’s comfort which is always on the top of priority list of a mother.

I never knew why my mother would have her meals after feeding me. I plan my daily activities according to her feeding sessions. I realised a mother can not be at ease if her child is hungry.

I never knew why my mother would buy new clothes/accessories for me for every festival or occasion. I have got quite a good collection for my tiny one. I realised that there is only one adorable child and every mother has it.

I never knew why my mother would stay up until I sleep. I often get sleepless nights if my little one is in no mood to sleep. I realised a mother’s love knows no limits.

I never knew why my mother always listened to whatever I had to say. I can listen to my daughter’s babbles and reciprocate from dawn to dusk. I realised a daughter is the best companion for a mother.

I never knew why I always wanted to have a daughter… now I realised that I wanted one to share the same relationship with her like the one I share with my mother.

Dear Maa thanks for making me the person I am. I can’t thank you enough for bearing all my stupidity and tantrums with a smiling face and a loving heart.

I will be very proud of myself if I can raise my daughter the way raised your daughter.

-Archana Banga Parmar