Emraan Hashmi's Tigers release in India marred by disputes

Four years ago, Emraan Hashmi filmed for Danis Tanovic’s film Tigers, opposite National Award-winning actress Geetanjali Thapa. But despite premiering at an international film festival, the movie hasn’t seen the light of day in India.

Ask Emraan about it and he confirms, “We went to Berlin, Toronto and New York. But it did not release here in India. There was a dispute between the producers here, and the film could not release when it had to, four years ago. By the time this dispute was sorted, there was one more — the India-Pakistan issue. I play a Pakistani in the film. We cannot have a release in this environment.”

In Tigers — earlier titled White Lies — Emraan plays a sales representative of a multinational company in Pakistan, where he discovers a scam involving baby food.