DAVV hostellers allege ‘day and night’ ragging, file plaint with UGC

Indore: First year students of engineering institute of Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV) are regularly ragged by their seniors but the institute authorities would pose a nelson’s eye to this grave issue.

Fed up with the continuous harassment, the victims on Wednesday lodged a complaint with anti-ragging helpline of University Grants Commission (UGC) which in turn alerted the city police about it and directed the university to probe into the matter and submit its report.

In their complaint, first year students of Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) said they were being ragged since they took admission in the hostel of the institute.

“Our college campus is ragging free for many years, but senior inmates of boys’ hostel are torturing first year students, day and night,” the complainants claimed.

The stated that initially they were asked just to follow some hostel rules and regulations meant for “betterment of fresher students” but as days passed, the level kept on increasing from singing and dancing including embarrassments to physical ragging including beating the fresher students.

“Our present situation is that we cannot step out of our hostel or we would be called by some seniors and get tortured in their rooms,” they claimed. The students said that even their hostel president Vivek Jain who is being appointed for welfare of hostellers is indulged in ragging activities.

The victim students said: “It took us a lot of courage to stand up and fight against ragging.” They requested from the UGC not to disclose their identity or else they would have to face repercussions of lodging the ragging complaint against seniors.

“We created a new email account just to keep our information confidential, or if our names would be out, it could ruin our college interactions, regular college life every students wants,” the students said.

First compliant from UTD campus in decade

This is the first compliant of ragging from UTD campus of DAVV in last 10 years. In past one decade, no incident of ragging or complaint was reported due to strict measures put in place by the university to check the menace. However, the incidents of ragging at the colleges under the wings of DAVV are growing. In last two months, three complaints of ragging were filed with UGC from colleges affiliated to the DAVV. Dean student welfare LK Tripathi said that they would soon constitute special teams to pay surprise visits to colleges and hostels to check incidents of ragging.