Amrita Rao believes there is no innocence in Bollywood today

She may have been missing from the big screen, but actress Amrita Rao explains that she has not been seen in movies because she has been rejecting scripts.

The actress, who is a brand ambassador for a clothing brand, says, “I have always been very choosy. I am very particular about banners and filmmakers. Everything has to be top-of-the-line; I have never compromised on that.” She further adds, “I have never been in a race where I would do anything to be here. That’s a lethal mindset with which girls enter the film industry. I have refused to do plenty of films since there are some scenes that I am not comfortable doing on screen.”

The actress, who was noticed for her performance in the 2003 film Ishq Vishk, claims the innocence factor is missing in today’s romance. “There is no Ishq Vishk romance anymore. There are no such films anymore.Today, you see the boy and girl wake up in bed together. Innocence has died in Bollywood,” she sighs.

The actress who got married to RJ Anmol in a private affair last year chooses to still keep mum about her marriage and says, “I don’t want this ‘marriage marriage’ in interviews. I don’t talk about personal life at all.”