“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win “– Gandhi

Kalam Kranti literally means Pen Revolution. Yes the Pen is mightier than the sword, but then with great power comes even greater responsibilities. We at KalamKranti firmly believe in providing news and information without any biasness but with a responsibility. We operate on our core principles of efficiency and relevancy. For us the sole goal is to keep our visitors updated on all recent developments, knowing the cause and outcome of these developments. Our reach is local and Global.

As we have a relatively young team so the adrenaline to be on our toes 24×7 is very high. Our team’s driving force is the passion to bring about a positive change into this world and in the lives of the people. Our other forte is our network of journalists and associates spread all over the country and beyond. So for our visitors, our news portal will be a one stop shop for their daily need of news and information.

KalamKranti is not just about news and information. We are also committed in bringing to you relevant topics like Environment, Agriculture, Science and Technology etc. With a bright future in focus we intend to scale greater heights and work towards a better world.

This is our way of bringing about a change responsibly.

Abhilash Nair- Editor in Chief

Atul Sharma – Editor

Ashish Khare- Resident Editor